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Multi User Advanced Content Management System (CMS)

Dynamic Webs' Content Management System enables you to update your web site as often as you like. Our Content Management System is also search engine-friendly and easy-to-use. Easily add, modify or delete web pages to your web site as and when you choose. All updates and amendments are immediately seen by your website visitors.

"...As a customer you will receive a professional, results-focused service tailored to your needs and you will work with an organisation that can truly make a difference to your business." David Gosnell Manager - International Marketing Communications -

Dynamic Webs' easy-to-use Content Management System enables you to add new web pages or amend the text and pictures on your web site in minutes.

CMS Overview

The Dynamic Webs CMS employs an intuitive set of easy to use menus that allow you to add, edit and delete the content of your web site, and because the entire site is driven by a powerful template system any content you add or remove will automatically be generated within the same look of your website along with menu links that are automatically generated when content is published allowing you to easily keep a consistent identity.

This one of a kind robust and powerful content management system allows you to add section/articles/pages to your site with ease. Each article can contain multiple pages, which can have their display order shuffled. You can also edit and delete individual pages from each section using the integrated and feature rich web based page editor.

The CMS system is designed to be module based, with a set of 'core' content management applications and features and an expandable and customisable set of plug-in modules to add even more productivity to the client's intranet/ internet site.

The Dynamic Webs Content Management System (CMS) allows authors to edit and publish their content with the minimum of fuss. Training can be completed in a morning, and by the afternoon they can be using the Content Management System for your live sites.

 Quick List: Advanced CMS Features and Benefits

Please remember that each client has different requirements and aspirations regarding their own online page authoring - content management system. With this in mind, please provide as many details as possible when you contact us

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