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Scalable and adaptive

The Dynamic Webs CMS is designed and built from the ground up to allow the seamless future expansion and integration of custom features and modules.More info >>>

Quick and easy browser publishing - Similar to using Microsoft word editing tools

Add and edit the content of your articles, news, case studies, etc with ease. The Dynamic Webs CMS includes full browser based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, which you can switch to HTML / Code mode for advanced users with the click of a button. If you write your content in Microsoft Word it is not a problem as you can simply copy and paste your text directly from Microsoft Word into the editor and all formatting, lists, etc will remain in tact. Then you can simply insert any images or other multimedia that you require via the tools within the editorMore info >>>.

Integration to existing online applications & databases

The Dynamic Webs CMS is designed and built from the ground up, as described earlier. This allows for an easier integration to any other client's online data management application, as the data storage is managed independently of any operating system by server applications. Because the CMS databases are designed for rapid, efficient search and queries for structured data, a seamless share and management of user, customer, content and other CMS media throughout the client's operation is possible.More info >>>

No HTML coding experience required

Your authors do not have to be technical; in fact the Dynamic Webs content management system (CMS) removes the need for any previous technical knowledge of HTML, or of computers in general.More info >>>

Core Modules: Detailed Features

Manage Groups & Users - Role based permission and privilege user system

To allow administrators to control allowable actions based on each team member's role and additionally, apply certain privileges to users based on grouping. This will allow users in specific groups the ability to edit, modify and post appropriate content to their own registered areas of the site. This can be useful for internal intranet purposes, while still protecting administrative site-wide control for quality checking on the public site.More info >>>

Multilingual content possibilities

Site content can be published in a wide range of languages, allowing the possibility of a robust global internet and intranet presence. The language and locale can be user selected or automatically determined and detected.More info >>>

Archive old content instead of deleting it

Due to all content being database driven, the Dynamic Webs CMS provides a comprehensive archiving facility to allow old or expired content to be saved either in a public archive for searching (i.e. news), saved on the server for referencing purposes or exported to an external source such as a CSV file.More info >>>

Comprehensive Multimedia and image management

The Dynamic Webs CMS solution comes with the ability to handle an extensive range of multimedia and image types. Imported images can be modified/ optimised and resized to suit the viewing audience's needs, ensuring page load times are kept to a minimum while the visual element and site 'look and feel' consistency are maintained. This concept is further utilised through use of the optional plug-in modules are described in the section below.More info >>>

Powerful file management

The administrator and all authorised CMS users are given complete control over the upload and location of all associated files to be used in page content. This includes files available for public download such as brochures, newsletters, corporate literature as well as displayed inline images and media.More info >>>

Automatic publication scheduling

Your authors have the option after creating or modifying content, to set a defer command for publication. Effectively giving the author control and flexibility over when the content will appear on the live site. This is useful when dealing with an international audience over differing time zones, or producing time-sensitive content. The option is also available to set an expiry date for the content to be removed from public display.More info >>>

Search engine friendly pages

With advanced support for meta tags, keywords and the ability to define and tweak properties of your site's pages and sections important for the search engine and directories; you will enjoy the advantages of higher ranking resulting in increased hits and site visitors.More info >>>

Password protected administration area

The administration area is highly secure in terms of providing access to the tools controlling site preferences, user preferences and management, content management tools. All users accessing the site administration area must first authenticate themselves by using their username and password details. Through the use of groups and role-based permissions, the level and extent of site and content modification is easily controlled and monitored.More info >>>

Password Reminders

Should any user (administrative or public) forget their password, a simple form can be filled in to either allow the password to be re-sent to a registered email address or set to a default with the user prompted to change via a hyperlink to a secure part of the site. This method maintains overall security and prevents password compromise. More info >>>

Site Search

The Dynamic Webs content management system provides support for integrated indexing and search functionality. With the use of the advanced search facility it is possible to fine-tune desired search results and ensure that customers can easily find what they want. In conjunction with the page elements used for the search engine optimisation (meta tags, keywords etc), the indexing application scans the entire public file system, reads every text file, and builds a mini-database of content elements.More info >>>

Automatic link checking

It has been estimated that over 5% of links on the Web are broken. The link check tool, as part of the CMS content editor will process the page being published, testing each link it finds. A notification report the status of each link tested. This improves page rankings with search engines and directories resulting in increased visitors to your public site.More info >>>

Auditing capabilities

This feature provides a trail that records the sequence of activities occurring in any part of the site, detailing changes and modifications and their specific impact on a site-wide level. This is mainly recorded through the use of change 'logging' by users of the CMS content and administration areas, regardless of permissions level.More info >>>

Reporting and Statistics

The dynamic webs CMS has a comprehensive reporting facility. This allows the administrator to create custom reports of visitor statistics, content modification logs, user and account activity, plus additional reporting depending on the nature and complexity of the CMS. The reports are available in the universal CSV file format allowing for easy integration with other commercial and bespoke data management tools.More info >>>

Plug-in Modules: Detailed Features

Advertising Management

The Advertising module aims at managing and selling the advertising places on one or more sites/ pages. These are usually banners or text links, but can be customise to the client specification. The module allows to place advertising of any type, take full control of its shows, make contracts with advertisers, plan media activity, show advertising to the target audience according to the advertising campaign, limit banner clicks and other. The associate advertising statistics area allows to analyse both online and offline advertising campaigns, estimate expenses per advertising channel so as to make the advertising budget more efficient, analyse the structure and content of a site, obtain exhaustive information on visitors and more.More info >>>

Affiliate / Link exchange program

As an addition to the advertising management feature, this plug-in allows the participation in affiliate marketing programs. This module allows the client to manage all advertising and cross linkage. Providing integration with the third party’s stats server; there is the possibility to view all revenue generated from pay-per-click, click through and other schemes.More info >>>

Discussion Forum

The forum module allows the site owner to host a number of forums which can be used to maintain communities, discuss articles and generate site audience or other purposes. The site visitors and existing members will be able to use their existing site account identities to utilise this plug-in as a useful addition to the main intranet / internet site. Full moderation and forum facilities are built in to the module and custom features can of course be developed to suit the requirements and needs of the client.More info >>>

Events Calendar

The option allows for users of the CMS to post events to a shared calendar. This can be optionally viewable internally as part of a corporate Intranet solution, or published externally to a live public site.More info >>>


The Polls and Surveys module is essential for those clients with a particular interest in online marketing and demographic research. It is designed to conduct online polls, voting and surveys. The module can be used to collect information on the site audience, potential clients, carrying out marketing researches for advertising campaigns etc.More info >>>

Staff Directory

This module provides the use of a dynamic staff directory, including contact details and job role information of company staff members. Users are given the ability to update their own profile (linked to their user account), or administrative rights to make company wide changes.More info >>>

Page Comments & Ratings

As part of a community internet site or portal, users and registered site visitors are able to post comments and ratings to certain types of content. These could be for example, news and announcements where a comment can be linked to a particular article as a type of ‘editor note’. The comment and/or rating can be included as part of a search of the website or forum pages.More info >>>

Image & photo galleries

The photo gallery plug-in provides registered user to maintain a ‘virtual’ photo album as part of the Dynamic Webs CMS system. This can be integrated with other modules requiring an image resource or an independent part of the website such as the product catalogue. The photo / image gallery is an essential tool for organising a large amount of images into a resource library archive.More info >>>

Payment Processing Gateway

As part of a custom installation and script design, the Dynamic Webs CMS application can allow the linkage to a payment gateway (such as PROTX, Streamline, Relax, VeriSign, Worldpay etc) using their set of API instructions. This can be particularly useful in the case of a sales element requirement, but without the need for a full-blown e-Commerce solution.More info >>>

CMS/Server Staging

The Dynamic Webs CMS system can also be used in conjunction with a staging server, designed to comprehensively emulate the live site. The content change and amendment are made in an intermediary environment, allowing for quality assurance and content checking before final publishing to the live production servers.More info >>>

Integration Messaging/ Email/ Webmail client

A Private (IM) Instant Messaging system is available to facilitate work flow events and also to send notes or messages to other CMS users, Groups or Administrators. Some modules also will use your Inbox to notify you of events such as new content being submitted. An existing email system can be integrated, though the use of custom plug-ins, with the Intranet element of the CMS allowing greater productivity and promoting the opportunity of a remote 'virtual' Webmail client.More info >>>

RSS Newsfeeds

Provide customised up-to-date news feed data on related content for your audience in the RSS 2.0 format (e.g. to create blogs, arrange for information exchange between sites and e-media, etc.) The RSS method allows users to also subscribe to your service, read news offline with the use of a news aggregation application.More info >>>

Job Vacancies

This module for the Dynamic Webs CMS application adds a fully-featured job advertising board to the website with both employer and job seeker facilities. Employers can post jobs to the fully searchable database and maintain control of their active advertisements to make sure all listings are current. Employees and prospective candidates can either use their existing accounts or register as a new user to make online applications, upload their CVs, create a virtual ‘wish-list’ of job advertisements and much more.More info >>>

Classified Advertising

This module allows the client to add a fully functioning classified advertising aspect to the website, with a greater scope and possibility for client’s revenue generation. This integrates with the site’s main user/ admin accounts, additionally allowing new user registration for the classified advertising module on it’s own, or a complete website account with access to the other site features and modules. The additional feature list of the classified advertising module is quite extensive and designed to be scalable (e.g. can allow 100,000 picture ads or more). This module is similar in nature to those existing classified only sites (such as, however combined with the Dynamic Webs CMS application, goes that one step further towards providing a complete portal/ community environment for the site’s target audience.More info >>>

Links / Business directory

One plugged into the CMS application, this module adds a ‘Yellow Pages’ like business directory feature, with unlimited possibilities for expansion. With the user/ group account system also integrated as well as new user registration functionality, this provides the client’s internet site with yet another invaluable addition. Among the extensive list of feature for this module are; user profiles, admin link listings management, image upload and management, advanced searching, integration with payment gateways and other modules for further commercial expansion.More info >>>

FAQ & Knowledge base

Used as an additional tool, this module could prove invaluable in improving the client company’s customer care programme. This feature enables a powerful searchable knowledge base to be added to the site. Unlimited categories can be created along with the ability to easily manage all the FAQs and knowledge base entries. An unlimited number of questions and categories, integration with the CMS WYSIGYG editor, attachments, file management and a user permissions system also integrated to the CMS and/ or other modules installed are only some of the many benefits.More info >>>

Web based CRM: Detailed Features


Depending on the nature of the client business and CMS site architecture, the helpdesk module may be required. This plug-in, developed by Dynamic Webs is intended to organise the technical support service to give the site users a better consultancy through the use of a web-based interface and by e-mail. Visitors can ask their questions, get replies and continue the discussion if necessary. The administrators can control the support service in the real time, assign and define persons in charge, evaluate quality and efficiency of their work and other. This module is designed to be easily integrated alongside many existing call centre/ CRM systems.More info >>>


As part of the CRM group of plug-ins to the Dynamic Webs CMS, the eMarketing feature allows the client to keep in touch with site visitors, users and guest via the use of opt-in mailing lists and mail managing software. The client is able to fully maintain their corporate identity with visually impressive HTML emails, effectively used as part of a targeted brand awareness programme etc.More info >>>

Contact Management

Maintaining an up-to-date client/ customer database is an essential tool for any organisation regardless of size. This CRM plug-in allows all registered users to keep on top of the contact information of suppliers, customers, co-users etc. This can be integrated with many of the other modules such as, Helpdesk, Staff Directory, eMarketing, with the data shared and accessible via other linked databases.More info >>>

Project Management

The CRM project management module allows users to track project tasks within an individual and group/ team environment. The user can specify who has access to their project, thus maintaining team and company organisation.More info >>>

Task Management

This module allows users to track short-term and long-term tasks, assign tasks to other users, groups and teams, again with full integration to other modules.More info >>>

Shared Calendar

This productivity feature allows the client’s intranet users to maintain project co-ordination by sharing group, team and individual schedules. Using the concept of group permissions, users are able to manage their own activities and those of their team. The shared calendar is also easily integrated with the other CMS plug-ins such as email/ Webmail, Instant Messaging, Helpdesk, task and project management etc.More info >>>


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