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"...I have complete control of our web site content and can add/edit/delete product information, build a new site section or launch a new marketing campaign in minutes. It's impressive... I can do this from anywhere in the world from any web browser!"
Izzey Jones, Marketing Director - www.mystery-mountain.co.uk

Production and Editing
Add and edit the content of your articles, news, case studies, etc. with ease. The Dynamic Webs CMS includes full, browser-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, which you can switch to HTML / Code mode for advanced users with the click of a button. The editor is 100% script based, so you don't have to download any annoying ActiveX controls.

Content written in Microsoft Word or other programs can be simply copied into the editor and all formatting, lists, etc will remain intact. Then you can simply insert any images or other multimedia that you require via the tools within the editor.

Content Scheduling
Content Scheduling allows you to set date when content should be made available on the website along with a date when it should expire. This is good if you have time-sensitive web site content that you wish to make available during certain events, etc. This will help keep the site from being filled with out of date content.

Multi Level user System
The Dynamic Webs CMS implements a powerful user privilege system with secure password protection. Different permissions can be easily applied - for example, you may change permissions so that administrators can modify every part of the site, whereas publishers can be allowed only to modify certain areas of the site, such as only adding new articles or adding news.

This means that many people can be responsible for creating and adding content to the system but only key personnel / administrators can actually publish the content making it viewable to the visitors or the web site.

Expansion Modules
Additional, customisable features can be created and added into your website as required. We can develop modules such as news and announcements, technical archives, E-commerce facilities, a customer login area, advanced email management, advanced search systems, image galleries and more.

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